Memorial Cremation Services

A low-cost cremation provides everything you need for a simple but personal funeral.

Price: $2195

Upfront prices. No hidden fees

  • Cremation in alternative container
  • Removal of remains
  • local transportation to crematory
  • services of funeral director and staff
  • use of the funeral home for memorial services


simple cremation service

A Beautiful and Affordable Funeral Home

Our Simple Attended Cremation package is perfectly suited to those who wish to hold a small, personal ceremony for their loved ones.

Choose the ideal crematorium and eulogy for your perfect send-off and let us do the rest.

What’s included?

The Memorial Cremation Package includes immediate cremation in an alternative container, removal of remains, local transportation to crematory, services of funeral director and staff, and use of the funeral home for memorial service, church service, and/or graveside service along with the writing of obituary notice.

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